How it Work!

Assist787 meets all your business needs in the cloud. Are a user-friendly accounting and payroll software easy to work within any device and anywhere?  You can update the bookkeeping, upload your invoices and expenses very simple.  Share your business information to your Accountant and Tax Specialist, and may have your financial report by a click of a button!

Accounting & Payroll

Organize your business, manage your transaction very easily, access, and work anywhere.
Your accounting transactions will never be delayed using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can manage closing periods and reconcile the bank account. Prepare employee payroll with 3 easy steps.

Automatic Data Entry

Automates data entry by accurately capturing all of your invoices, receipts, and expenses into your accounting. Scan receipts in PDF file and upload, data is processed and verified before applying remembered Vendors, Tax Code, and Categories. Our add-ons ensure the simplest possible publishing to your account.

Accountants & Tax Specialists

These professionals can have access to your business. They would be more accessible to you and can solve situations faster. With all the specific reports, they can prepare you with efficient tax planning. The accountant would have available your financial report for each period.

What is Assist787 ?

Is the most complete Accounting software to manage your business. Include Puerto Rico payroll taxes and timesheet to Track employee production.  It can fit all types of industries (Retail, Professional Service, Manufacturing, Distribution).


We assist you with Data Entry of your bills, with an automated process that can save you time and money.


Generate Specific Reports for Accountants & Tax Specialists to facilitates the preparation of income tax return and AUP reports.

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Software Features

Improve the business administration with a complete Accounting system. Prepare Payroll with an easy process and use Timesheet to track employee’s production.  Automated Data Entry of your receipts can save you time and money.


You can access any device and anywhere.  Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to work. Gives access to your Accountant and works with him at the same time in your account.


Create and send it to your Customers estimates, sales orders, invoices and receives their payments.  Prepare Purchases Order and Bills for you Vendors.  Monitor the aging’s of Account Receivable and Account Payable


Save time and money digitalizing invoices or receipts. The data will be extracted and uploaded to your account. Item line can be recognized with quantity, price, and description for your inventory. SAVE ALMOST 75% of the time in the data entry process.



With your data stored and secured in the cloud, there’s no need to print or copy paper documents anymore.


Generate reports by periods like the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flow, General Ledger, Payroll, among other reports.

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Assist787 Specialities

These are our different modules that you can access depend on the selected plan: Accounting, Employees Payroll, Automated Data Entry, Inventory and Reports


Customers Invoices

Add Customers and create the invoice for your service or sales. Receive their payments to complete the transaction.

Vendors Bills

Add Vendors and enter the bills from your suppliers. Keep track of your account payable aging and create their payments.

Reconcile Accounts

Reconcile deposits, checks, and credit card transactions. With a very easy process, you will have available the current balance as the bank account.

Closing Period

Have an internal control in your accounting. Select the closing period and avoid edit past period transactions.

Employees Payroll

Employee Profile

Access all the information in your employee profile.


Enter the hours of work for each employee and track the production of your team.


Prepare the payroll with a very easy process. Print payroll checks and print or email the payroll stubs to employees.

Quarterly Reports

Generate payroll liability balance. Prepare deposits and quarterly reports for government agencies. Such as Treasury Dept., Human Resource Dept. among others.

Automated Data Entry

Scan & Upload Receipts

No more manual data entry of invoices, receipts, and bills. Assist787 extract the data you need a recorded to your accounting.

Verify Data

Remove manual errors and rely on quickly searching secured stored digital copies.

Line Item Recognition

Capture line items, including the description, unit price, and quantity for each line, with verified accuracy. Once recorded your inventory is updated.

Data Security & Storage

We employ best practice security policies including encryption across the platform. Once you have posted your data, it creates digital records so users no longer need to hang on to large quantities of paper documents, with client data stored securely in the cloud.

Our Screenshots

See our software different types of modules: Dashboard, Customer, Vendors, Employees, Inventory, Banking among others.

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